Whether it's a clean brand for your business, a new website, packaging or advertising...whatever your vision, let's bring it to life! 


Shelter Nova Scotia

- New site architecture & design

- New Fundraising platform graphics

- Integration with existing donation forms

- Content refinement from old site to new

- Site optimization for web

Sweyn Logistics

- New Site architecture & design

- Customized forms for client input 

- Content refinement

- Site optimization for web

Wave of the Future and

Ocean Toolkit

- Online educational resources for teachers and students

- Hosted by COVE - Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship

- Bilingual (ENG/FR) and interactive


Sarah Jane Dooley

- Main Branding design and site colours

- Heart Compass Oracle Deck Packaging 

- Oracle Deck Art Direction

- Creative Support and *Sparkle Magic*


Tyrell Custom Homes

- Brand refinement and update

- New site architecture & design

- Site optimization for web

Elizabeth Shein

- Branding design, logo & wordmark

- Site architecture & colour palette

- Copywriting support

- Site optimization for web