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Ink Bottle begins with Maria.

An alumnus of OCAD, Maria pursued her Masters of Graphic Design in Florence, Italy because who doesn't want to spend a year under the Tuscan sun? She learned to speak Italian while she was there, and returned to Canada with refined design skills and a taste for la dolce vita.

Starting in Toronto, she had opportunities to work with companies like the Northern Group doing advertising campaigns, and Encore Sales doing in-house packaging design and product translations that conformed to Canadian bilingual packaging standards. Alors, c'était trés utile qu'elle avait étudier le français aussi.

Moving to Halifax, Ink Bottle Design was born and Maria's pursuit of the freelance life truly began. She has worked with a variety of local Halifax businesses and individuals, while fostering relationships with companies in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

When you work with Maria, you are getting one-on-one, tailored design solutions that are grounded in research and a strong understanding of your voice as the Client, matched with insight to the mindset of your target audience. It is a collaborative relationship that is fuelled by Maria's passion to bring your unique product, service or identity to the public in an exciting and creative way. 


Photo: Terry Bell

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